How to Avoid Raising a Violent Cat

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animals petsMost people appear puzzled when they notice that their cats are aggressive while they have friends or relatives whose cats appear to be friendly. By their nature, these animals try the best they can to be close to their owners. However, there are certain factors that, if they experience while growing up, may make them to acquire an undesirably violent behavior.


An unfriendly cat is a concern because it can potentially hurt you or a member of the family. It also beats the logic of having a pet if you cannot interact with them. While a few of the factors that cause unfriendliness are beyond you, there are many other things that you can do to have a sociable pet.


 Never beat your cat

For whatever reason, avoid laying hands on your pets.  They simply don’t understand the sticks and stones language. Yes they might stop whatever wrong they were doing but that’s only because they are confused from the hurt; it will not be a surprise to find them on the same act again when you are not around.


More critically, caning your cat passes to them a new message: that it is right to inflict pain on other animals, humans included. With such a mindset, they might not mind scuffing other people and things around the house when something pisses them off. They will also start looking at you with distrust and disgust.


Discourage kids from mishandling cats

Majority of them are very patient with kids. You will find the young ones grabbing them by the tail, hitting them with toys, but they remain calm as always. However if this behavior continues for too long to an extent where a child of 5 or 8 years is still showing cruelty to the furry fellow, you might notice a change in attitude.


Don’t let it get to this extent; it will teach the fellow that if they administer some scratches then the disturbance stops. The problem is that he or she might do this even to a clueless baby next time. Therefore, allow young children to ruffle cats- since infants are not too strong to cause injuries anyway- but as they grow older, discourage them from the habit. Show them how to be kind instead.


dog cartoonEliminate excessive noise

Various studies have shown that animals raised in noisy environments tend to be rather violent compared to those who live in peaceful homes. No, this is not about the noise made by children playing- in fact cats enjoy such lively surroundings as long as the players are kind. However if you live near a street with lots of hooting, clanking metals, rowdy youths and all those sorts of confusion, you’d better relocate to a quieter place or forget about cats.


The same applies to those who like playing loud music. Such a habit is neither safe for you nor for your pet. On the other hand, smoother, softer music is attractive and not just to cats; even camels march modestly when their riders play the flute.