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How to Bribe a Cat and Make it Worship You


Any person with the right experience will admit that cats are very complicated animals. They make their own rules and move by them.  Only a cat will choose whom it runs towards  happily upon site, while  it ignores others  to the extent where  when a person calls them, they only react with as much as a glance to the caller’s direction.


The puzzling fact is that a cat ignoring you doesn’t necessarily hate you. In fact when times are good, it may play with you for a minute or two before changing its mind. This however may get frustrating especially if another family member gets all the attention. Luckily, there are things you can do to change this and earn adoration from your pet.


Use inducements

Everyone likes bribes and cats are not an exception. The only difference is that with them you don’t use money- they cannot recognize that. You can however buy them goodies. Meat products are their favorite. It doesn’t have to be much, just a small amount daily will do. Remember, you have to personally hand over whatever you buy to them without letting a third party do it, else the other person will get the credits.  Also try to give such handouts outside the regular meal schedules.


With dedication, soon you will be enjoying all the attention. The problem with this technique however is that as soon as your gifts stop coming, your friend will revert to the old routine; so only pursue this if you will be doing it forever.

One neat “inducement” to use, is to also make sure you’re cat gets proper flea treatments! One of the best is Revolution flea treatment for cats.

cat and dog chilling on couchAccept play invites

Cats tend to develop a special connection with people who accept their play invites. When the fellow is tagging at your legs, you’d better pause whatever you are doing and make a paw shake. It doesn’t take much time- just a minute of play is enough to tell a cat that you value it and so the affection reciprocates.


However, not all pulls at your trousers or shoes mean play. Sometimes it indicates hunger or discomfort, especially if they are followed by high-pitched meows. Sometimes they just want you to help them open the window or door to the outside. If you spend more time near your cat, you will gradually learn how to communicate with one another. Understanding their language is one way of becoming their best friend.


Feign lack of interest

A person once compared cats with women: that both run away from you when want them and run to you when you don’t show interest! About women, maybe that’s true, maybe not. But this trick works well with cats.  When the feline avoids you, don’t force it to play or sit on your lap. Act like it’s not even there but remain kind. Soon it will start seeking your attention.


Be humble

This might sound strange, but cats enjoy the company of quiet and relaxed people more than they do with those who are restless and bubbly. The problem is that personality is inborn and you can’t change much of it. So if you see an introvert sister or brother receiving more love than you, just know it will take a lot of effort to beat them here.